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The mirror, the hair and me

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Every morning that goes by, I observe myself in the mirror, and I see nothing but an abundant amount of hair growing in every inch of my body. I feel anything but beautiful and I sit in confusion not knowing what I should do.

I'm tired of constantly having to shave, pluck, wax,and use all sorts of creams. I have tried it all and my hairs just seem to be getting worse andworse. I’m left with nothing but strawberry skin, and I feel nothing like myself. What am I going to do when everyone begins to show off their beautiful bodies this summer.

I’d love to go on vacation with my family and feel normal. I continuously see many women wearing 2 piece

bikinis, and I desire to be them, comfortable within their own skin. I am so embarrassed and I feel horrible. I know that some of my friends also struggle with the same problem, and that is why they haven’t been able to help. What am I supposed to feel when I see several people having soft, smooth, skin. I’m left with nothing but jealousy. I wish I was them.

Im exhausted from having to hide my body, especially in this type of weather. I can’t help it but to worry as I see my hairs growing back longer, thicker, and even darker than they once were. I continue to struggle with my low self-esteem. I'm desperate and as the time goes by I continue to lose hope.

In a situation like this, I know I should ask Martha what my best option would be.

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