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I want the Ink in the mirror to go away

When I look at my skin, I am reminded of a traumatic period in my life. I recently got out of a relationship, in which I shed several tears, and in which I was extremely unhappy. But you know what is worse? That the tattoo I have with this person's name reminds me day by day of the traumatic moments I shared with him. It's a piece of him that is attached to me at all times.

Last week, I decided to examine myself in the mirror to see what it was that I could change. I noticed that I needed to change some tattoos drawn over me. I looked at my back and noticed other tattoos that I no longer desire, because I got them when I was young and innocent.

Although they might not be as noticeable, it has absolutely no meaning to it, and it bothers me because I'll always know they're there. At the moment, I'm having a hard time getting a job as well. I have a few tattoos on my arm and nobody wants to hire me because I'm unable to cover them. All my tattoos are old, beginning to fade, but let's not forget, out of style!

As I get older, I realize these were decisions I didn't really fully think through. I have been searching for a way not only to remove these tattoos, but to also remove the remembrance of them. Thankfully, I know Martha has the latest technology in removing tattoos. Not only is it a treatment with fewer sessions, but it is also less painful, I’m going to call her! :)

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